Doweling for Realignment of Bridge Mount Screws
Non-destructively fitting an intoneable 12 string bridge onto a vintage Danelectro
Developing a professional solution for consumer-level retrofitting where none can be found among experts
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Screw holes are cleaned out with pipe cleaner, glue primed and dowels set.  Dowels are sealed with a Super Glue cap and ground concave to afford the touch up paint a mechanical cup plug bonding tooth and thickness for a good job.

Dowels would have been done in any event, even if to just reinforce the original holes.
Dowels' glue and cap seal will be cured by the time drilling pilots for new bridge plate is due.
White lines in finish crazing is camera flash glare.
Side note of general interest:
This ingenious hole is the top of a through the body hole that has an oval head stainless steel screw inserted from the back.  A wire placed into the hole from the front side, makes contact with the screw while the other end of the wire is connected to the guitar's circuit ground.  The screw head makes contact with body clothing of the Player and provides inductance to the atomic ground the Player's body affords, giving additional grounding for the guitar's electronic circuits;  A simple device to help reduce 60 cycle hum associated with all single coil pickups.
Two unknown small after-market holes drilled by someone;  Now doweled along with bridge plate holes.
Dowels countersunk to provide cup for fill / paint cap.