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Modifying Danelectro Reissue 12 String Bridge Hardware to Fit the Scorpion.

Sunday morning 7-23-06:
Notice: Staging the bridge has shown it most likely that the reissue bridge will work.
Links to pictures of the bridge staged and dowel work are at the bottom of this page.  All that remains to be absolutely sure is to stage 3 strings onto the Scorpion to ensure that all the geometries are correct and that the staged bridge's intonation datum calculations do indeed match the saddles capable reach.  ( At 4:00 AM Sunday morning, after working on the guitar through Friday night and all day Saturday and through the nite,'s a bit too much to continue until I get some sleep! ).  I feel so sure it will work, ...that I have doweled the holes tonight ( errrr ...last night ...Saturday ) so they would be set by the time I wake back up and get back on the Scorpion.

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1.   = Reissue bridge.
1.b = Reissue bridge original mounting screws ( #6, inferior for vintage mount method ).
2.   = Saddles fore-aft adjusting bolts; allen head replacements with longer reach to compensate 3/16" difference between reissue bridge's intonation reach and Scorpion's vintage intonation datum.
2.b = Saddles' fore-aft adjusting screws; phillips head replacements; for operational comparison.
3.   = Bridge plate aft mounting screw.  #10 stainless steel, oval phillips head.  Nuts and washers are just in case shims or shoulders might be needed.
4.   = Forward bridge plate mounting hangar bolts and knurled nuts; allows vintage mounting of reissue bridge which is not counter-sunk on bottom as sockets to receive vintage screws.  Note:  #10 stainless steel oval head phillips have also been purchased in the event that they might work better, on counter-sunk races, than the hangar bolts.
5.   = Brass screws replacements for original vintage bridge plate mounting screws. Purchased for availability in other options. Original vintage screw shown at far right of replacements.
6.   = Spares.

Non-destructively fitting an intoneable 12 string bridge onto a vintage Danelectro
Developing a professional solution for consumer-level retrofitting where none can be found among experts
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