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Danelectro / Coral Firefly Project

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One side of most parts:
The other sides:
NOTICE the round light colored spot inside the bridge pickup cavity shown below;  That is a round solid sound post that has the pickup cavity routed through it, with the remaining (approx 1/4" ea.) front and rear portions of the post under the guitar top in front and behind the pickup cavity. Portions of the sound post can be seen in photos on Page 4.

IMPORTANT:  THERE IS NOT ANY OTHER SOLID "BLOCK" OF WOOD BETWEEN THE SOUND POST AND REAR STRAP BUTTON BLOCK;  So if you are modifying a Firefly bridge, there is NOT any solid wood block under the bridge area to accept bridge mounting screws like there is for almost all other Danelectro guitars.  The Firefly bridges would just SIT on top of the rectangular tab that was part of and extended behind the metal pickup bezel shown in the previous photo above, and the ageing silhouette visible around the bridge pickup cavity below.

Many other photos of body and neck are provided on pages 3 thru 6:
All of these metals will clean up quite nicely with common guitar metals corrosion cleaning and polishing techniques. Email me if you need advice.  Notes are added to Photos below where appropriate:
I do not know if this tailpiece is original to this guitar or not.  It is the kind used on Corals last-year runs before the company shut down in 1969 and were issuing less expensive versions of previous guitars. But I've never seen this type of tailpiece on a Firely before; I've only seen Vinnie Bell endorsed Fireflys that have a Coral logo tailpiece; See reference pictures provided on Page 5:
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I have made notes about the missing parts and sources, on Page 5.