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Danelectro / Coral Firefly
~ Mid-late 1960's ~
Project Guitar; Reassemble; Nominal Work.

$500 As-Is;  Or $800 expertly cleaned up, assembled, set up and ready to play.

Another delightful great guitar waiting in line for my work bench if not sold beforehand.

This guitar wreaks with a perfect balance of nominal natural / REAL relic'ing from aging and handling while having been played very litte;  A perfect platform for refurbishing a great guitar that shows just the right amount of an old guitar's soul without any need for artificial relic'ing.  I will be delighted refurbishing this guitar if it makes it's way in line to my workbench.

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Complete electronics harness
2 original lipstick pickups
Original jack plate
Original pickup bezel, screws and washers.
Original neck plate and screws.
Body looked good and exciting.
*The skate key tuners are
no longer with this guitar.
* Skate key tuners were not common on Firefly guitars;  Kluson tuners were usually used. See reference examples on Page 6.

These book-matched and steam / heat molded arched top-and-back bodies were made by Kawai America.  Kawai has been a reknown world-class maker of fine pianos and instruments since the late 1920's.  Danelectro / Coral could not have chosen a better builder for their wood acoustice-electric bodies.

The Seller was not a guitarist;  He thought he provided good pictures, ...but fell a "bit" short of guitarist standards with the photos above.  I have added detailed photos and info on 5 pages following this page.

When I received this project guitar several years ago I removed the parts from the shipping package and inspected them for appearance and any shipping damage before packing it all back up for storage.  It all looked in pretty good and exciting condition to me.  It is missing some parts: The bridge, pickguard & it's mounting hardward, front pickup bezel, vol / tone knobs and skate key tuners.  I might have some or all of those parts among my spare parts, depending upon when this guitar is sold.  I have also taken better pictures linked from the bottom of this page.  Please email me for any questions you might have.

NOTE:  I do not recommend a person take on working on a valuable vintage guitar unless they know what they are doing or unless they are a reasonably good craftsman willing to do their homework and be patient in doing a good job.  I've seen too many amateurs think they can do guitar work but wind up disappointed with their work;  MUCH better to learn guitar work skills on any of the very large number of cheap guitars on the planet today and work their way up to finer instruments.  Guitar Player (magazine) Repair Guide is an EXCELLENT book chock full of great instructions, information and tricks of the trade, .....for both beginners and advanced professionals;  And the current Third Edition contains a DVD of guitar repair and maintenance tricks of the trade authored by the great guitar tech guru Dan Erlwine.  Stewart MacDonald has tools and materials for guitar building and repair AND has very good free online information for building, refurbishing and repairing string instruments.
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