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~  Gauss 18" Bass, Woofer or Reinforcement Speakers ~
Model 4882
Matching Pair

Previously Owned;
Excellent Condition.

$400 each speaker, or;
$700 for the pair;
Plus shipping (itemized below).

Pictures are on additional pages linked at bottom of this page.

Cetec / Gauss 18" Bass Speakers / Woofers / Sub-Woofers / Sound Reinforcement Drivers.
2 ea; Matching pair:
8 ohm.
Patent no. 225,069.
#1 ser. no. 488 21183.
#2 ser. no. 488 21211.
28 units difference in serial numbers; Likely made on the same day.
Both stamped by Cetec Inspector 15.
Doped suspension surround.
Field-serviceable voice coils.
Develeoped by speaker gurus Bart Bingham and Ed May; (Altec / Lansing / JBL, Marantz, Pioneer)
Excellent condition.

Vas [Liters]; Equivalent volume = 430 liters
Qts; Total Q-factor = .2416
Qes; Electrical Q-factor = .27
Qms; Mechanical Q-factor = 2.3
Fs [Hz]; Resonance Frequency = 33 Hz
Approximate minumum power for nominal EQ accuracy = 20 watts rms.
Max Power [W]; Maximum input power = 400 watts rms, 800 watts program, 1600 watts peak.
xmax [mm]; Max excursion from center = 1mm
Moving mass [g]; Weight of moving parts  = 107.24 grams
Disp area [m2]; SD, Effective piston area of cone  =  .119 m^2
Re [ohm]; DC resistance = 6.7 ohms nominal.
Z; Impedence of coil = 8 ohms dynamic, nominal.
L [mH]; Inductance of coil = 1 mH
Bl [Tm]; Magnetic strenth  = 23.49 Tm
Weight = 25lbs each.

Static impedence, 9VDC polarity and plunge, program and scrape tests / checks were all good.
No tears nor warps.
No damage.
Original finish and cone in excellent condition.

A person can price used Gauss speakers and drivers here:
(Please note that 18" Gauss speakers are very rare).

Reconing and kits will remain available for such fine loudspeakers.  Examples:

Shipping crates for each speaker = 24" x 24" x 18" each.
Shipping weight for each crate = APPROXIMATELY 45lbs.
My zip code is 96791.
Shippers here are USPS, FedEx, UPS, and freight forwarders listed in Honolulu yellow pages under "Shipping".
USPS online shipping calculator quotes shipping from here to anywhere in the USA as:
Each of 2 crates:
Priority Mail; 3-5 days enroute = $92
Parcel Post 14 days enroute = $47
Express Mail 2 days enroute = $178
Insurance for $400 = $5.70
Delivery Signature Return Receipt = $2.30

$400 each speaker, or;
$700 for the pair.
Plus shipping.
Custom built wood shipping crates included in price.

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to see plans for the AcousticTM 360/370 speaker cabinet these speakers came out of.

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(Policies, Warranties, Shipping, Etc.)

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