~ 1948 Supro lap steel ~
Mint Green MOTS.
EX Condition.
Ser. # V96XX.
23" scale.

This steel would be in Near Mint condition except for pick wear on the silkscreened fretboard, shown below.  It's powder mint green pearl MOTS is nigh perfect.  It's pickup / electronics plate and assembly as well as it's hardware are Near Mint.  1 chicken beak + round knob is original, as well as a modification that was popular during this Steel's hey-day, to better facilitate the boo-wah (wah-wah) effect done by operating the tone knob with the little finger of the picking hand.
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The cord to an amp is mil-spec and permanantly attached as was common in this guitar's era:

Notice the round + chicken head knobs IS original.  But is it common for people to prefer Supro / Valco's more common dual matching round knobs when available (but difficult to find as parts);  So I recommend dakaware knobs similar to the original (shown in the above inset) when originals are not available or cost is a concern.

The colors and marks on the near-mint electronics assembly plate, are reflections from the camera flash, room ceiling and the camera and photographers hands.  A mirror image of the photographer's hand on the camera appears clearly where the chicken knob is pointing !.
Black silkscreening on the fretboard is worn through by finger picks along the 1st string between fret-lines 6 and 24.  Some much lighter thumbpick wear is alongside the 6th string in about the same range of fret markers.
Fret 6
Fret 24
The case is the steel's original GEIB fiberboard case.  It is in excellent period condition.
See work progress on this Steel for it's new Owner.
(Pics and info not in real time but as able.)