1954 Fender Deluxe
with Original Hardshell Case

PREVIOUS OWNER (Obviously a non-Musician) REPORTS:  1954 Fendar Lap Steel Guitar that is in very good condition.  I do not know about the elecrical part, as it does not have an amplifier. Everything seems to be hooked up, but not knowing anything on this type of item, I will have to list it as-is.There is only very-very little paint loss along the sides(small chips). The felt on the back was white at one time, but is a bit soiled now. It has the original case, of which the inside is still in great clean condition, BUT the outside has some stains and wear on the brown leather corners; Other than that it is not torn and still has the handle and the latches work. There is a #781(Ser.#?). There is also a metal plate that has (FENDER-Fullerton,California). Please take close look at pictures and email if you have questions. There is piece of tape that you may be able to make out in one of the pictures,that reads; Virginia-10-22-1954.

DENNY'S NOTE:  This Steel is all original and is actually in Excellent condition (not Very Good as the previous non-pro owner reported) and it's case in Very Good condition (would be Excellent except for the stains shown).  If I can ever get this Steel's case to my bench in my heavy worlkload;  I feel almost certain I can get most of those stains out without damaging the tweed.  These Trap(azoid) pickup Fender Deluxe Steels are all classic Fender sound, and they play wonderfully.  Notice that the piece of tape with "Virginia - 10-22-1954" is the original factory Inspector's tag!
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