...and even in an endless flash of time stood still,
the road behind and ahead goes on forever...
Kurt Linhof
A Musician Brother whose dues are fully vested
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     Lead Guitar       Vocals, Percussion     Bass Guitar       Rhythm Guitar              Drums

At a Southwest Texas State Sigma Nu frat party in San Marcos, Tex; Fall of 1966.
L-R: Gene Coleman, Kurt Linhof, Jerry Osborne, Sammy Vilnes, Jesse Samudio
This picture was taken backstage at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio Texas
before a big show of several local and national acts.
Kurt, Gene and Sammy cuttin head for the Kirby Texas VFW
...and even in an endless flash of time stood still,
the road behind and ahead goes on forever...
As a teenager in 1964 Kurt saw / heard Link Wray and The Beatles in concert and, like so many of us, became a Geetar Junkie.  Kurt moved to San Antonio from Japan in December, and in January 1965 became a Friend and Roadie with The Outcasts that I played lead guitar for until going into the Army in the fall of 1966.  By early 1966 Kurt was able to become Jim Ryan's sub. on bass during the very few times Jim could not make a performance.  Kurt joined The Spidels in 1966 and still subbed for Jim as well.

By the late 1960's, Kurt had gained a respectable reputation for knowing and acquiring rare guitar treasures ... and came to supply such notables as Duane & Greg Allman, Barry Oakley, Billy Gibbons, Leslies West, Duck Dunn ...just to name a few.

During the last half of the 1960s, Kurt met San Antonio's music & geetars genius / picker / tech / engineer / builder / guru Jerry Blanton who became one of Kurt's mentors (as well mine!);  Which contributed to Kurt opening his shop "Specialty Guitars" in Houston......

Kurt's  musical and personal calibre afforded him the opportunities to have worked with such notables as Duane Allman, Barry Oakley,  Johnny Winter, Duck Dunn, Harvey Brooks, Alvin Lee, John-Paul Jones, Billy Gibbons, Chris Holzhaus....... (too many to list)......

Kurt's guitar pickin' road included countless hills, turns and miles of white lines, with such notable bands as The Spidels (1966), The Outcasts (1966-67), Rachel's Children (1968), Billy Gibbons (1970), The Children (1970-72), Chris Geppert (pre Cristopher Cross) (1973-74), Jive Bombers (1975), ... and one final year of close music associations with notables Rocky Hill, Doyle Bramhall, Stevie Vaughn and others in 1976.

ZZ Top's first hit record was a cover of The Children's demo record "Francene";  And Kurt wrote the ZZ Top song "Driving While Blind" as well.

With much credit to Jerry Blanton mentoring Kurt;  By the late 1960s Kurt had become an expert vintage guitar technician and guru, rapidly gaining recognition and respect from many famous guitarists.

For many years I have wondered many times ... and am now trying to discover ... where all my old head hunting, hard & full living and heavy footed Friends are, and how they had fared on the long and winding road.

And for all you 'ol headhunters, there are a few clues
where Kurt might be and what he might be doing today.
...and even in an endless flash of time stood still,
the road behind and ahead goes on forever...
   It is with a very heavy heart and soul that I must announce that my longtime dear and brotherly friend Kurt Linhof left this world on September 11, 2014, due to complications following surgery on August 20, 2014.

   I feel quite sure that Brother Kurt is now in a place of grandeur far beyond our ability to even imagine. I think it would be selfish to wish Kurt was still with us rather than that grand place he is now in; But I can't help feeling that selfishness.

   I am in the process of compiling and adding to these pages as much info and photos as I can find about Kurt's remarkable talents, abilities, accomplishments and robust Life, ....which were apparant when I first met Kurt in 1964 when I was 17 years old and he 14. I will publish all I can find and link it to these Kurt Linhof pages I'd already made a number of years ago.  In the meantime you can view photos and info about Kurt on several pages I had already published, starting right here on this page.

~ R.I.P. my dearest Brother ~