Ladieeeees and Gennnnntlemen......
fffffrrrrom the annals of Texas Music history.....
According to good leads, Kurt is
holed up in The Rockies...
doing just fine...
in international mineral abstracting business !
( ....and still a fine Gentleman Headhunter ! )

...but still finds time now and then to fiddle with Geetars:
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Just a few old klunkers !
As Mick Jagger once said, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Babies".
Some old Stellas with the Palm Trees and Hula Girls worn off !

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The Dano is old original vintage.
I guess Kurt's kinda set for amps too, huh?  DOG !
Gotta Luvit !

And as you can see, the Dano is in excellent company, hands and care!

------- oOo -------

   Here is a short humorous account of a visit by Kurt to my home for some "therapy" and to purchase a Danelectro / Silvertone      1457 which he later sold (or likely gave ?) to Mick Jagger:

------- oOo -------
* 'Ol Blind Deaf Lightnin    Chitlin Lemon's pick !