I also have one of this guitar's cousins, an ST1413 "Paddle Headstock" version .

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Kay Silvertone 1417
c.e. 1964
Rarer vibrato version of the model 1413

The Silvertone model 1413 and 1417 were produced from 1963 through 1966.  Most of both models sported the conventional style Kay headstock, while the very last ones in 1966 sported the deco "paddle" headstock.

The wide range of tones of the DeArmond "cheese grater" pickup, from jazz to raucus, is well known among guitar pros, and the vibe / mojo of these guitars are a lot of fun to play, especially at gigs where you can let raucus raunch really hang out in it's element !

The GREAT tone of these guitars comes from their "cheese grater" pickup mounted on a slab of solid wood that is now well seasoned from age and sound vibrations.

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:   Vintage electric Silvertone Turquoise guitar made around the late 50's early 60's. Guitar is appx. 361/2 inches long by 12 3/4 inches wide. Guitar has some wear on the edges and sides,as shown in pic., also guitar is missing two of the pegs that tighten the strings and also the bar as shown in pic.,because of this I am selling as is, the rest of the guitar seem to be in good condition,with good color, and no breaks that I can see, cover for guitar is in good condition, but zipper is broke, no tears, handle still intact. A great guitar collectible, Check out my other stuff.

Denny's Note:

Ya gotta LOVE good hearted folks that don't know much about guitars at all, .....but wish they did and give it a good try ! ! !

The missing "bar" the previous owner mentions in his description, is the vibrato arm.
The missing "pegs" are the string posts of tuners 1 and 5.  The #1 string post ferrule is also missing.  But this guitar has made it's way to my bench for inspection, clean-up, and refurbishment.  That process is being documented on webpages after several webpages of details and high resolution pictures of this guitar.

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