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Danelectro U1 reissue

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  Danelectro electric guitar from the 90's (?) in black cherry / dark redish purple but looks black(!). Guitar works great- straight neck- missing 1 string and pickguard- light scrtches , other wise really NICE!

Denny's note:  This guitar cleaned up very nicely and a new correct pickguard can been installed.  Notice that the pickup on these U1's is back a bit and tilted from the U2 front pickup position.  The U1's position is at a remarkably sweet spot for mid-to-low harmonics and overtones great for rythm or lead, and really come on strong for higher gain lead settings.  Note it's position in the "same" spot as the 1448's famous tone, ...with the U1 tilted to broaden the tone and overtone range bass-to-treble.  Like the 1448, it's also has uniquely warm slide guitar tone with allot of low to mid overtones.  Some unique discoveries remain in the mountain-range of guitars on this planet (the 1448 being a more recent and similar discovery).  The U1 is one of those "obscurities" to discover ...at "half" the price of a 1448.  Were I gigging big gigs I would put one of these in the stage arsenal just for that unique tone and vertical dynamics that come on commensurate with amp gain.

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