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Fender Telecaster
MIJ Pink Paisley

Old trusty Road Warrior
Probably 1985 (see notes on page 2 about dating)
(From 1985 to 1987 ALL Fender guitars were made in Japan and known for very high quality)

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I bought this Telecaster specifically to restore as a documented / filmed Before-After example of what can actually be restored well, including the finish and paisley;  But sometimes it somehow seems "sacreligious" to fix such authentic thrashing of a guitar's finish;  So I decided to post it for sale and 8 people inquired before the 2nd inquirer followed through with a purchase and I could thus mark it Sold.  I had also thought it a good candidate for a Hard Rock Cafe display example of some sort of "heart and soul" playing the fool out of a guitar! (And sound / tone wise, it's good they did).
Tell ya what ..... even though whoever thrashed this Tele wasn't the greatest Player on the planet, ....he
/ she sure musta made non-musicians in the audience think he / she was!  This owner / player has to be
given an A+ for thrashing animation!  I can't think of anything that would cause such rash on this Tele
other than allot of hefty Heavy Metal decorative clothing studs and arm jewelry on both arms;  not any belt buckle rash at all on the back!  God bless his / her stage energy;  And may the Gods of cream puff not be too upset. 
Even the jack plate is slightly bent from a whack on the guitar cord plug!  Not very noticeable unless you're inspecting the guitar closely.
No-one can say a Telecaster is not one tough axe.  I've even had to use a couple over the years as battle clubs in a few venue ruckuses!  But this one is proof in the pudding;  Not a single thing broken on it, tight as an oil drum, and it still plays remarkably well even in need of a fret job!
Check it out;  Not a bit of belt buckle rash !  I have never ever seen a guitar so thrashed and not have a considerable amount of belt buckle rash.  Spandex pants ! ? ! ?

What DO it mean, Mr. Natural ? !
The neck has perfect relief and no twist, and the neck / deck angle is perfect.  Fender Japan did a great job of even improving the Fender tradition while the new Fender plant was being built in California.  No wonder MIJ Fenders have been sought since the public became aware of their quality ...expecially during the last half of the 1980's.
Although I had not disassembled this Tele for an internal look at it's details, before it was sold / bought on a rush order;  It's quite obvious that this Telecaster and it's vintage is authentic.
The tone and output of this Tele is strong and the bridge pickup glassy;  Classic Tele;  The tone makes me guess that the static impedence of the pickups is around 7- 8K if #38 coil wire and around 6 - 6.5K if #42, with the neck pickup slightly higher resistance than the bridge.  The pickups are a bit more dynamic than previous Fenders;  A good thing in the parameters set by the then-new Fender company owners.  The dynamics can be reduced to older narrower dynamics, by lowering the bridge pickup slightly, or turning the guitars volume control down a hair and/or reducing an amp's pre-amp gain down to suit a Player's liking.  All electronics work fine.
This Tele has darn sure had as much loud sound season it's wood as the finish suggests;  It's nut - neck - body - bridge's acoustic / resonance feedback loop is remarkably seasoned and lively just like good sounding Telecasters should be, even though it is a bit heavier than what often feels optimal.
Twas ever thus, Chilluns...