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~ 1993 Fender Squire Series Standard Stratocaster ~
Blonde w/ Maple neck / fingerboard.
Mint Condition; (Otherwise NOS demo'ed 4 times by me in my shop).
Protective plastic film still on pickguard and rear springs cover.
With Original Hardshell Case

Fender Squire Series are the sought after Fender Korea continuations of the Japan Fender Squire JV series,
continued for a short time as Standard Stratocaster when Fender transferred the Squire Series from Japan to Korea.
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See Page 2;  Top Perpendicular Views  >>>
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~ Page 1;  Top Oblique Views ~
Serial number CN 3xxxxx is decoded as C = Cort; N = 1990 decade; First number digit 3 is the year in the decade.
It don't get prettier than Maple on Blonde !   For the last 15 years this guitar has only been out of this case for 4 brief times for short shop demonstrations (5 now for pics).  It has been covered in it's case with corrosion inhibiting paper.
The original protective plastic film is still on the pickguard, and on the vibrato springs cover on the back.

These early Korea Fender Squire Series guitars had incredibly great dynamic pickups, with a static impedence of just under 6K.  They are my favorite sounding and playing Stratocasters and Telecasters.
No squared off body sides here !  Still the vintage Fender Strat clones from the Japan JV series.
"C" profile neck plays like a dream.
Straight as an arrow.  Perfect neck relief can be seen in the strings shadows on the fretboard.  Sorry for the blur, but computerized digital cameras just don't understand depth of field sometimes
Full serial number is censored to combat counterfeiting and invoicing fraud.
All adjustments and setting are still factory original.
After these pics were taken, fresh corrosion inhibiting paper was put over guitar, the case sealed and a plastic bag vacuum sealed to the outside of the case.