Harmony S1477-2 Silhouette Bobkat
1967-1968 ~~~ Excellent 99% condition

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  Nice playable guitar. Comes with original case. Guitar is a 1965 model. We obtained it from the original owner. Missing 2 adjustment knobs from top of guitar and has some nicks in the finish, but still very nice looking.

DENNY'S NOTES:  This model Harmony was only made during 1967-1968.  Harmony's are great guitars when set up properly, and have tone to the bone.  This is an Excellent specimen of the Silvertone model 1477-2 version of Harmony's H17 Silhouette Bobkat.  There were some differences between Harmony branded and Silvertone branded Bobkats & Silhouettes special ordered by Sears.  For instance, this 1477-2 Bobkat's treble-bout pickguard is different than a Harmony branded H17's pickguard that extends into the bass bout.  This 1477-2 also has a fully adjustable metal roller bridge rather than earlier Bobkat / Silhouettes pre-set compensated wood floating bridge, ....and this model has larger chrome capped speed / reflector knobs than the earlier / smaller "nuclear power plant" knobs.  Compare this one with a S1478.

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