Early 1960's Harmony Stratotone / Silvertone 1420
aka The "Communist Bloc Les Paul" during the USSR era.

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This Guitar's Neck Profile:
CROSS SECTION:  Here is a varigraph gauge plot of the neck's profile, taken at the masking tape protecting the neck's finish.  The green line below shows where the edge of the fretboard begins; The lift below the green line is the height / thickness of the strings on the frets sitting on the surface that the neck was set on and the gauge pressed down to to get the impression.  Other neck profile references are shown after this image:
LONGITUDINAL TAPER:  The parallel green lines below show the slight taper of the neck towards the headstock.  The neck taper is not slightly curved with a slight hump in the middle like it appears to be in the picture compared to the dead-straight green lines I added;  The neck taper is actually straight except where transitioning to the neck heel and to the headstock.  The appearance of a slight curve in the taper is due to camera paralax, which is the camera seeing lines to the left and right of center (peripheral vision) tapering towards left and right vanishing points in the distance (on the horizon!) , just like our eyes do but our brains adjust for:
The frets have very little wear.  The heaviest wear although slight is shown below, from mostly open chords having been played on the guitar:
I cannot figure out why digital images of this guitar taken on 3 different occasions don't show the many small scratches, dings, marrs and finish wear as well as the eye sees them;  It's usually the opposite ....the camera usually sees color detail better  than the eye does.  If you look closely at all the pictures on this guitar's webpages you can see the majority of marks subdued a little browner than they actually are.  Here is the only picture that caught some of the marks, out of 15 I took tonight to try to capture them better.  They would not stop me one bit were I buying this guitar;  I just want to show as much as I can for visitors, viewers and potential customers.

AHA !   Later in the evening I called a Friend who knows photography well.  He informed me that the reason small details get lost is because they are intact in the higher resolution the camera is set at, but when an image is reduced such as these are to fit a standard webpage, then the resolution shrinks and small details get closed up like our eye's irises would if they closed the pupil completely or even so close to completely that it looked completely closed.  OK, .....I can grasp that;  Thanks Paul !

OK, we'll just have to imagine the marks being a little brighter, and more tiny ones that can't be seen in this guitar's webpages pictures.  Geez ....what a mouthful for something so simple;  Think I'd better go to bed;  It's 1:15 AM and bed is due.
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