Magnatone Leilani Steel and matching amplifier
Pink Magenta MOTS   SOLD

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:   I tuned the lap up to standard 440 pitch the other night, put a C6
tuning on it, and played it on stage with my band.  It stayed in tune quite well.  Amp works OK has small rip in speaker and tends to rattle when played loud.  I still think the amp is too small and fragile (for me) to use-although it does work well, except for the rattle on loud volume in the speaker, I think the amp is more of a collectors item (than a stage amp).  But the lap steel is in great shape to play.  Also something else you may want to know is that the fret board markings are either painted or decaled on.  The case is a bit tatered and worn but still can be used.

This Magnatone Steel is the Leilani model and Leilani branded.  The Steel is in Excellent era / period condition.  The pink color is striking and much rarer than the more common blue and gray colors.  Some of the amp's cabinet joints are loose and it's MOTS has separated from the wood in places as well as chipped off in places.  MOTS repair is not as difficult as it appears;  MOTS can be replicated quit well in repair by carefully selecting pearlescent acrylic fingernail polishes to tease into matching swirls (take the guitar to the local department store for direct comparison / choosing of colors).  The speaker tear could be glued or taped, ...or the speaker replaced or re-coned.  This set would be a real score for someone with the skills to repair the amp ...and otherwise a nice set to have the amp repaired.

I have more time playing MOTS Maggie Leilanies / Varsities than any other Steels.  They are really great playing and great sounding Steels and are effortlessly portable.  They are not real heavy on the bass-tone end, but a JBL K140 will wake that up (my favorite guitar speaker by far).
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