ca. 1957 Magnatone Lap Steel
Silver - Gray - Black MOTS;  Model G70
Pots' model number = CMI 1451;  Not a date code.
Serial number 53542 conforms to 1957 series.

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  This beautiful instrument is previously owned in Great condition!  Finish is the gorgeous blue-gray pearloid and it's in remarkable condition with no dents, dings, or scratches.  Upon inspection, I only find two minor finish flaws just below the bottom tuners.  Since they are in the identical place on the neck, my guess is this instrument was stored from a guitar hanger of some sort.  Again, very minor (pictured for your review).  Features Kluson Deluxe tuners that appear in very good shape.  There is some chrome pitting from age on the bottom plate.  The felt on the back is wearing thin (pictured).  Guitar comes in (original?) tweed style case which is in fair cosmetic and excellent functioning condition.  Thanks!

DENNY'S NOTE:  Contrary to "no dings" said above, it does have some dings at the headstock neck convergence from hanging on a wall hangar, as the previous owner refered to above.  All in all this Steel and it's case is in Very Good era / period Condition.  I believe this is a model G70.

This is the only model that came standard in MOTS (finished wood optional) after 1955;  MOTS was optional on other Magnatone lap steels after 1955, and bare wood standard !

Although this model Magnetone's sound / tone is not real fat on classic Hawaiian Steel tones, DOES scream like a scalded banshee when amp gain is cranked, ....very nice Blues or Rock tones.  I think it's lack of classic Steel tone is because, like Electromuse, the pickup is mounted to a metal electronics cavity cover that's not bound tight to the body, which induces a subdued metallic tone into the pickup.  This model Magnatone does however have a tasteful hot-rod Steel Guitar tone character with amp gains set higher than clean.  I supsect that epoxy bedding a shim sheet under the electronics cover plate and hard mounting the pickup screws down into the wood might very well cure the subdued metallic overtones, and bring out Steel tones better, while still having one heckuva screamer when desired.

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Small abrasion dings in side of headstock just above nut.

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