Late 1930's(?)  Oahu Valco Lap Steel
Blonde Pearloid "MOTS"

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  Vintage 1930s Oahu electric lap steel guitar. Comes in a velvet lined carrying case and with a cord. The case is pretty beat up. The handle of the case is broken, the corners of the case are banged up, and one edge is broken. Broken edge shown below in close-up. The guitar has a gorgeous mother of pearl finish, great Art Deco look. Fretboard is gray pearl and decorated with OAHU and music notes. The tag at the neck reads OAHU PUBLISHING CO. CLEVELAND. Original unfinished back, with a serial number on a plate at the neck. The serial number is V29519. The body of the guitar is in excellent condition, no scratches, no stains. Two of the tuners at the top of the guitar are broken, visible in photos below. The neck is very tight, has a secure fit. Guitar measures 32" in overall length. The body alone is 13" high, 1.75" in width, and 6.75" across the front at the widest.

DENNY'S NOTE:  The same popular model branded as Oahu, Valco, Supro, etc.  Famous and incredible "bunker" pickup with the metal plate that screws on over the strings and bridges / carries the magnetic field to surround the strings.  Incredible tone to the bone.  Kluson Deluxe tuners need buttons replaced.  Still has original handrest with screw-down knobs.

This is the more common design of Supro / Valco Steels.  A real joy to play, tone to the bone, and a banshee when cranked with amp gain.

These images were taken with the strings loosened for shipping to me.

Old cases in even this condition are not difficult for a reasonably talented craftsman to repair.  I find it a real joy to refurbish old cases that some Folks think has seen it's days.  I get a good feeling when a guitar is back cozy in it's familiar refurbished case.

Sidenote:  When a guitar fits loosely in it's original case, it has long been a rather standard practice among professional Guitarists to set a towel (or large diaper if space is tight) in the case first, place the guitar on the towel and fold the towel over on top of the Guitar.  The towel can be used to wipe the guitar down before it's put away, ...and any moisture that might be missed will be absorbed free-air by the towel.  A towel also helps stabalize moisture and outside humidity changes in a Guitar's case.
NOTICE: If a Buyer desires:

I will replace the tuner buttons for $30.

I will refurbish this steel's case for $50.