1930's WOOD Supro

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  Made in the 1930's.  It is a Supro with attached cord.  It is in good shape for its age but case is not.  Excellent sound with good tuners.  No cracks!  Nice collectors item!

DENNY'S NOTE:  The tone of National / Valco pickups on this Steel are legendary. ~~~~~~~  The tone of "all" wood Steels is noticeably more resonant than Steels with MOTS finishes which absorb some of the resonant energy; Not that one is better than the other, just that MOTS tends to tighten resonance a bit which makes a Steel have a bit more string sound than body resonance sound which is noticeable without the MOTS.  A speaker field also exites the wood better without a MOTS finish.

Notice the National winged markers on the fretboard;  A motif that followed National Steels through their popular history.  I am quite fond of this Steel, although it's not a trendy "MOTS showpiece".

I just know that pulling the duct tape off of the case will remove allot of the faux 'gator design of it's finish.  That's too bad;  The 'gator faux is pretty darn cool with this early Supro;  But a reasonably talented Artisan could replicate the design and finish in a cosmetic non-original faux-repair;  Which is what I will do if this Steel / case is still around when I get the time to do it;  After all, such a repair is more desireable to most folks (and me) than duct tape!.
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