Silvertone Danelectro Hornet

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  1960's vintage Silvertone electric guitar. It is missing a screw in the pickguard (big deal), otherwise it is complete and all original. The finish is a black on red sunburst. It has two lipstick tube pickups.

The fretboard is dark mahogany. The pickguard is a reddish brown. The photo of the back shows the belt buckle rash on the back and some small paint dings here and then but overall looks very nice. The frets have verl little wear and have plenty of life left in them.

The jack that the guitar cord plugs into is a little loose and probably needs replaced. Otherwise there are no other issues. Ready to play!

The whammy bar works good and the guitar seems to stay in tune. The action is fairly good too. A very playable guitar and a great vintage tone. The headstock looks similar to a Fender Strat. The body even reminds you of a Jaguar/Mustang/DuoSonic.

Enjoy the guitar. I hope it is the new addition to your collection.