Fender Champ Steel Guitar

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:  A real nice Fender Champ Lap Steel 6 string  guitar. It is in good condition with a vintage hard shell case. I don't know how old it is, but it belonged to a friend of mine's Grandfather, and he had it since the sixties, I'm told. There is no serial # or anyway for me to tell how old it is. The sticker on it says "Fender" Fullerton, Calif. The hard shell case says Fender on top, and  Parker Music on the top. The case was traced to late fifties. That is about all the info I can gather.

Denny's note:  This Steel appears to be late 1950's > early 1960's.  I will know the year when I can inspect it's details.  This Steel and case are both in era / period Excellent 99% condition.  If it is a bit later than it appears to be, it might officially be the later model name Studio Deluxe.
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