1949 Gibson BR6 Steel Guitar
with Original Hardshell Case

PREVIOUS OWNER REPORTS:   1949 (according to the gibson site) Gibson lap steel guitar. There are a few character marks like little scratches and little dings, things that happen when you use it. I would rate the overall condition as 85%. The case has marks on the corners, again from use, and a few marks on the sides, a broken handle, and the cover of the case is coming loose on the one end. I would rate the case at 60%.

DENNY'S NOTE:  The BR6 has the classic and sought after 1950's-era P90 pickup and sound;  Nice, rounded, mellow tone centered in the low-mids ...until cranked up with amp gain where the P90 rounded envelope "Rock" tones really kick in with a fuller tone range.  BR6's are solid mahagony, now aged for 50 years or more, and sound and play exceptionally well.  I used a BR6 for all of my understudy with Jerry Byrd;  Who commented a number of times that he really likes the tone of BR6's.  ~~~~~~~  THIS STEEL:  Has been played allot and shows it.  There are many wear marks I consider "character" like the previous owner said above.  The amount of playing / sound that has been generated through a guitar's body further accentuates it's wood's aging for good sound qualities.   Both knobs' plastic is frosted and cracked, probably from someone trying to clean them with a wrong solvent sometime in it's past.  These type knobs are still manufactured and popular and are less than $10 a set.  This guitar has not made it's way to my bench for close / thorough inspection / testing;  But I've played it and it's general outside condition appears Very Good / 95% and it's case Good / 80% (on industry standard scale).