Heavy scratch on Vibrato cover. Obviously scratched while off of guitar.
The Guitar will remain partially unstrung
for Buyer's petina or cleaning preferences / instructions.
4 plastic tuning machine gromet rings are missing.
Original machine head plate cut and different machine installed.
Kaiwai license jobber logo decal.
Rear strap button is missing.
Theodore Roosevelt "Hound Dog" Taylor played many similar models of Teisco made guitars;  Mostly jobbers imported and distributed by Kent, W.M.I, Marco Polo, Bennet Brothers, and others.  In 1967 Kawai bought the Teisco company and applied their name to some Teisco productions, such as guitars played by Hound Dog Taylor.  I have also seen pictures of him playing similar Teisco branded models.  Hound Dog and his band The Houserockers were heavy drinkers and partyers ... and besides the now famous raucus tone of Teiscos that was the signature tone of Hound Dog Taylor, ...2nd hand and even new Teiscos were plentiful and cheap, particularly the jobbers;  Which served low paid and heavy drinking / partying guitarists quite well in both quick sell and purchasing another when needed.  The average price for new jobber Teiscos was aroung $59 while Fenders were around $350 ... at a time when the entry-level monthly pay for the military was under $100 !
Teisco.  Hellhound Chicago Blues.
Graphic intensive.  Please allow approx 1 minute to fully to load.
Kawai period "signature" tuning machine plate
Pre-'67 plastic pickguard.  Black rocker switches.
Kawai branded version of Kawai/Teisco SS4L
Teisco logo
Kawai branded
Teisco branded
Similar versions / models.  Hound Dog favored 4 pickups.
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The Kawai Teisco I have is center of this page:
An aspiring Hound Dog right down to the Silvertone Danelectro amp.
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