NEW Jay Turser JT-900 Acoustic Electric Resonator Guitar

JAY TURSER DISTRIBUTOR REPORTS:  If you love the sound of a resonator, you won't BELIEVE what this one sounds like, especially when you plug it in to an amplifier.  This resonator is from Jay Turser's B stock with full factory warranty.  These guitars will have a cosmetic blemish somewhere on the guitar.  Most of the time, it is difficult to find the cosmetic blemish.  Take this opportunity to own a great guitar at a great price!   If you like blues, bluegrass, country, country-rock, bluegrass gospel, or just that good ole mountain music, you will LOVE playing this baby!

Denny's note:  This is a round neck guitar.  I carefully played and inspected this guitar for about an hour before packing it back up.  Slide, Steel, flat and finger picking in all styles;  it plays and sounds great.  I could not find whatever blemish is on this guitar.  Front magnet / coil pickup AND piezo bridge pickup.  Volume and tone knobs, and blend knob to mix the piezo and magnetic pickup balance.  This is a really nice guitar.  I have purchased several Jay Turser guitars and am quite impressed with their design insight and workmanship.  Plush lined hardshell case is in stock and extra, and this guitar deserves a nice HSC.
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